Publications/Research Articles

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad has written widely on topics such as management, leadership, higher education, organizational behavior, motivation, and international trade. His some of the most common publications are:


  1. Yazdani, N., & Murad, H. S. (2012). Civilization and organization theory: A new epistemological discourse: organization theory. Saarbrüken, Germany:LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

Journal Articles

  1. Abbas R. Z., Murad, H. S., Ghaffari, A. G., Siddiqi, A., Ahmad, Z., Rehman, Z. & Ashraf, M. (2011). Measuring the learning organization’s construct in Pakistan: A case of public sector educational institutes. European Journal of Social Sciences, 18(4), 574-581.
  2. Yazdani, N., Murad, H. S., Abbas, R. Z., & Gondal, I. (2011). Determinants of Sinic civilization and their impact on organization theory. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2(10), 258-265.
  3. Yazdani, N., Murad, H. S., & Abbas, R. Z. (2011). From modernity to postmodernity: A historical discourse on Western civilization. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2(11), 249-256.
  4. Yazdani, N., Murad, H. S., & Abbas, R. Z. (2011). The use of metaphors in poetry and organization theory: Toward de-compartmentalization of organizational knowledge. Iranian Journal of Management Studies, 4(2), 63-78.
  5. Abbas, R. Z., Murad, H. S., Khan, M. A., Ghaffari, A. G. & Rafay , A. (2012). Exploring the issues and new insights of global branding and strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR): A case of Pakistani organizations. African Journal of Business Management, 6(33), 9381-9387.
  6. Yazdani, N., Murad, H. S. & Abbas, R. Z.(2012). Organization theory and poetry: A not so elusive link. African Journal of Business Management, 6(1), 7-13.
  7. Abbas, R. Z., Murad, H. S., Yazdani, N., & Asghar, A. (2013). Extending “Kahn’s model of personal engagement and disengagement at work” with reference to existential attributes: A case study of HR managers in Pakistan, International Journal of Social Economics, 41 (1), 2-31.
  8. Raza, A., & Murad, H. S. (2014). Learning in plural cultural context: Methodological framework for multiple pedagogic practices. Journal for Multicultural Education, 8(1), 2-12.
  9. Raza, A. & Murad, H.S. (2014). Learning new management viewpoints: Re-contextualizing strategic leadership in global and regional context, Business Review 9(1).
  10. Shahzad, K., Murad, H. S., Kitchlew, N., & Zia, S. A. (2014). Integrating principles of care, compassion and justice in organizations: Exploring dynamic nature of organizational justice. Journal of Human Values, 20(2), 167-181.
  11. Abbas, R. Z., Murad, H. S., Yazdani, N., & Asghar, A. (2014). “Extending Kahn’s model of personal engagement and disengagement at work” with reference to existential attributes: A case study of HR managers in Pakistan. International Journal of Social Economics, 41(1), 2-31.

Conference/Seminars Paper Presentations

  1. Ayub, U., Majeed, M., & Murad, H. S. (2013). Organizational analysis: A case of Kohinoor Weaving Mills. Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Business Management (ICoBM), UMT, Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. Leadership: Islamic Perspective” and “School Management: New Perspective” February 11-13, 2005, Mauritius
  3. “Teacher Development” and “Teacher Role and Responsibilities” (presented in Teacher Training Workshop 2002, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, September 2002).
  4. Introduction of AMDISA” in “The Global Forum 2002- Management Education”; June 09-12 2002; Bangkok, Thailand.
  5. “Globalization and Strategic Opportunities for Muslim Businessmen” presented at 6th IBF Business Congress at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in April 2001.
  6. Total Competence  Management  for  TQM”  accepted  for  presentation  in  Academy  of Management, December 1998, Hong Kong
  7. A paper titled “Inter- organizational Networks: A Conceptual Framework for Governance Relations” accepted for presentation at the Fourth Annual International Conference on Advances in Management (ICAM 1997, Hong Kong).
  8. “Inter-organizational Networks: A conceptual Framework for Governance Relations” (Presented at IBA National Seminar, Karachi-Pakistan. July 1996).
  9. “Total Competence Management for TQM” (Presented at International Convention on Quality Control ‘96 held at Karachi- October 1996).
  10. “MIRRORS: Methodology for Individual Review and Revival and Organization Regeneration and
  11. Success”. (Presented at AMDISA meeting at Colombo, Sri Lanka, in April 1996)
  12. “Pakistan: Visions and Divisions” (presented at Asia Vision 2000, Federation of Korean Industry, International Management Exchange (IMEX) 1996 held at Seoul, Korea).
  13. “From Needs to Pursuits: Motivational Paradigm for Leadership Revisited”
  14. “New Education Policy 1995: Issues in Financing and Administration of Private Sectors”. (Presented at IPS Seminar, Islamabad-Pakistan).
  15. Management, Leicester, UK, August 1994.
  16. Organization Change and Development: A Processual Model” (presented at WSU as part of an independent research program), February 1987.
  17. “Boundary Spanners” A research paper presented at WSU faculty seminar, 1986. “A study of Computer Users and Use in Campus”.


  1. Murad, H.S., Synthesis of human nature and leadership [PhD Program] 2001, The University of Wales: Lampeter, UK. p. 407 p.
  2. Murad, H.S., et al., Design of spillway: Free fall ogee type located at Hub Dam Project Report 1980-81, in Department of Civil Engineering. 1981, N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology: Karachi, Pakistan. p. 206 p.

Doctoral Dissertation Supervised

  1. Dr Naveed Yazdani (2017) – Wholistic Management Education (WME): Contextualized Applicability of Transformative Learning in Management Education Discourse
  2. Dr Farah Naz (2017) – The Role of University in Transforming Self-understanding & Meanings of Life in Students: A Critical Study of University of Management and Technology
  3. Dr Zamin Abbas (2017) – Organizing and Human Nature: A Multi Theoretical Discourse