Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad Tenure as Chairman NBEAC

He has served as a Council Chairman from April 2011 to September 2018 till his demise and before that he has served as a council member from 2008-2011.

NBEAC’s Core Function:

NBEAC has three main functions: accreditation, training and networking. In its accreditation function, it develops and implements standards to improve the quality of business education in Pakistan. In its training function, it provides opportunities to faculty and managers to learn about quality standards and related matters. In its networking function, it provides a forum for business education professionals to learn from each other through conferences and seminars.

Hallmark Achievements:

  • Accreditation Process and procedures; Booklet – A complete step by step guide to get accreditation for NBEAC Programs.
  • Peer Review Process Booklet.
  • Regular Deans and Director Conferences (2014-18)
  • Publication of Annual Reports covering all key activities of the year.
  • Letter to the VC Quaid-e-Azam University for grand of One Acre land to construct an independent NBEAC Complex.
  • Biz Insight Magazine, a quarterly magazine to cover the important happenings on the academic, industrial and business front.
  • NBEAC Progress (2011-15 graphical Presentation) Province wise graph of public and private universities.
  • Assessment Report (SAR) to be completed by the university seeking NBEAC Accreditation – 29 pages to guide and lead about the system, process and procedure.
  • NBEAC Eligibility and Screening Policy -2017
  • The Role of Accreditation Process Committee – A Framework for Action.
  • Self-Assessment Report 2016 Version
  • Peer Reviewers Discussion Forum 2019
  • AACSB Assurance of Learning Seminar I (On Campus)
  • Membership of EFMD and AACSB to broaden the international outlook of NBEAC.
  • GAT Requirement for MBA abolished on July 15, 2015.
  • Ms-PhD programs be brought under the umbrella of NBEAC- Suggestion to the Chairman HEC on July 15, 2015.
  • Proposed list of Business Schools for establishing Center of Excellence across the country including Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir.



  • Registered Institutes: 62
  • Peer Review visits completed: 35
  • Accredited Business Schools: 26
  • Outstanding Self-Assessment Reports: 14/27
  • 10 Peer Review Visits successfully completed from March 2014 to June 2014
  • Guidelines for Peer Review Panel (PRP) Accreditation Inspection Committee 2013:

Nine different format Performa’s with percentage – 49 pages;

  • Strategic Management (15%)
  • Curriculum (15%)
  • Students (15%)
  • Faculty (20%)
  • Research and Development (10%)
  • Social Responsibility (5%)
  • Resources (10%)
  • Academic and Corporate/ Business (5%)
  • Admission Policy (5%)

Year Wise Milestone Distinction:


  • 5th Deans & Directors Conference
  • Upgradation of NBEAC website
  • Launched NBEAC Blog
  • Upgradation of NBEAC Online Application


  • 4th international deans and directors conference
  • Constitution of Eligibility Screening Committee (ESC) to review the registration applications.
  • Constitution of Accreditation Award Committee (AAC) to review the peer review reports
  • Upgraded the mentorship program.
  • NBEAC development program for business schools


  3rd international deans and directors conference
• Developed and implemented the performance appraisal system for peer review visits.
• Phase I-International training of peer reviewers
• Revamping the NBEAC accreditation framework
• Launched quarterly E- Newsletter


  • 2nd international deans and directors conference.
    • Develop and launched NBEAC online application system.
    • Development of NBEAC Strategic Plan (2015-2020).
    • Awareness seminars on Re- accreditation and revisits.
    • Discussion forums on accreditation of public administration and commerce degree program.
    • Launched mentorship program.
    • Continuous improvement of standards through review of Rubric.


  • 1st international deans and directors conference.
    • Issued first volume of NBEAC magazine ”BizInsight”.
    • Upgradation of NBEAC website.
    • Launched NBEAC social media.


  • Hold first Accreditation Award Ceremony.
    • Continuous improvement of standards through development of Rubric.
    • Constitution of Consultative Committee to select the peer review teams.
    • Institutional membership with EFMD.


  • Accreditation of 10 business schools of Pakistan by NBEAC.
    • 30 peer reviewers received advance level training from expert peer reviewer of European Foundation for Management and Development (EFMD).
    • Institutional membership with AMDISA and APQN.


  • Designing and development of the self-assessment performa.
    • Designing and development of the self-assessment performa, peer review assessment and profile sheets etc.; benchmarked South Asian Quality (SAQs) Frameworks, European Foundation for Management and Development (EFMD).
    • Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad, Rector, University of Management & Technology, Lahore was appointed as chairman and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nishat, Associate Dean, IBA, Karachi was appointed as vice chairman in March 2011.
    • Conducted nationwide training of peer reviewers making the pool of almost 90 trained peer reviewers.